About Peter

Peter developed an interest in stunt work when a teenager. He answered a classified newspaper ad for stuntmen and women in 1979 and was trained in the techniques of car stunts and fight scenes, then let loose on the live show circuit as a member of the Los Angeles Hell Drivers stunt team. None of the team were American. A couple of years later Peter learnt the basic techniques of fire stunts from a fellow stuntman. He also worked for the L. A. Hell Drivers stunt team (none of them were American, either!).

After moving from Auckland to Wellington in 1989, he broke into doing stunt work for the local television and film industry. His first job was for a Woolworth's commercial about fresh fish - Peter doubled an actor who wasn't too keen on the idea of being hit by hundreds of gallons of water from a big dump tank. Since then Peter has performed and coordinated numerous stunts. On the TV series Crimewatch he has portrayed a drug addict who accidentally set himself on fire, and a heroic man who leapt on a stolen car's bonnet and was taken for a wild ride.

In Peter Jackson's feature Braindead (a.k.a. Dead Alive), as well as being the film's stunt coordinator Peter personally performed numerous stunts such as falling down stairs and crashing through windows. When the zombie mother does a stunt alone it is Peter; when the mother and son are doing a stunt, Tony Wolf plays the mother and Peter plays the son. Peter met stage combatant Tony Wolf shortly before getting the stunt coordinator job on Braindead. They worked together with kick boxer Damon de Berry to create the kung fu priest vs. zombie bikers cemetery fight scene. Peter and Tony doubled for zombies, and Damon doubled for the priest. The actors also did a fair bit of their own fighting.

In addition to his film and TV industry work, Peter has performed over 250 sword and staff fights and more than 50 fire stunts for live shows. He regularly teaches stage combat classes and workshops, and trains actors to do fights and falls.

Most recently Peter has worked on a couple of short films, crashed a car for Taking The Waewae Express, been a ninja-killing cowboy for a few days on The Laundry Warrior, been thrown off a wharf for the TV series Sensing Murder, and performed and organised fire stunts as support entertainment for KISS and Ozzy Osborne over the two night Rock2Wgtn concert.  

Peter's Credits

NB: Stunt performer or stunt double on all film/TV/video credits except LOTR, Chicken, Facelift, Atlantis High, and the Enid Blyton Adventure Series)


Thigh of The Passionate Nymph
The Warrior's Way
Separation City    
The Water Horse
Taking The Waewae Express
The Last Great Snail Chase (fights)
Aidiko Insane (fight choreographer)
The Lord of the Rings trilogy (motion capture performer only)
Chicken (fights)
Braindead (a.k.a. Dead Alive) (stunt coordinator)


Sensing Murder
Man's Work (stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, location scout)
Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby
Hercules (2004) 
Facelift (fight choreographer) 
Atlantis High (fight choreographer) 
The Tribe (fight choreographer) 
The Semisis 
Forgotten Silver 
Enid Blyton Adventure Series ("Sea of Adventure") (fight choreographer) 
Typhon's People (stunt coordinator) 
Shark In The Park

Short Films

Sean's Big Send Off    
Stupid Cupid
Waiting For Gordy


Mizone drink ("Applause") 
Primo drink ("Skateboarding" x 2) 
Land Transport Safety Authority ("Rural Bus Stop") 
Panasonic Cordless Phone ("House on Cliff") 
Woolworth's ("Fresh Fish")


St. John's First Aid video series (stunt coordinator) 
Music video "Tag Along" by Simon Raby (stunt coordinator)

Live Shows

Howick Little Theatre unarmed stage combat workshop
Adventure Wellington unarmed stunt fighting workshops   
Adventure Wellington sword fighting training   
Dolphin Theatre (Onehunga, Auckland) unarmed stage combat workshop   
Ninja Gaiden 2 product launch  
NZ Drama School/Toi Whakaari (2008) (stage combat instructor)   
Capital E (2008) (teaching medieval combat classes)   
Rock2Wgtn (2008) (fire stunts support act for KISS and Ozzie Osborne)    
Corner 4 am and Cuba (2007) (fight choreographer)
Te Papa LOTR photo shoot 
Festival of the Arts Hoedown 
Upper Hutt Summer Carnival 
Robertson Holden International Speedway
Return to Rivendell 
Upper Hutt Summer Carnival 
Choices magazine photo shoot 
Hell Pizzas new store promotion (Christchurch) (stunt coordinator) 
National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts (stage combat instructor)
Carmen (New Zealand Opera Company) (fight choreographer)
Macbeth (Circa Theatre) (fight choreographer)
Toastmasters NZ Conference
Upper Hutt City Council shows (x 3)
Red Carpet Tours
Stage Combat Workshops (Wellington and Auckland) 
Romeo and Juliet(Royal New Zealand Ballet) (fight choreographer) 
Tosca (New Zealand Opera Company) (stunt coordinator) 
Boris Godunov (New Zealand Opera Company) (stunt coordinator) 
I Hate Hamlet 
Richard III 
Romeo and Juliet 
The Thirteenth Man 
SPFX2 (Otago Museum) 
Medieval sword fighting shows 
NZ Cricket Team 
The Improvisors 
The Great Wellington Show
Creatures of the Imagination
Summer City
International Underwater Hockey Championship
MOTAT Wild West Shows
L.A. Hell Drivers car shows
Los Angeles Hell Drivers car shows
Corporate functions, movie premieres, promotions, etc.


Cloud 9 Charity Open Day 
Royal New Zealand Ballet Fund Raising Event Night