Weapons and Equipment

We have a wide rang of prop weapons available for rental, including guns, swords, knives, axes as specialty martial arts weapons.

In addition to suppling weapons and safety equipment to productions. In most instances a qualified stuntperson is needed on set to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Contact us to talk about your project for advice on how we can help.

Also if you have special weapons requirements not in the catalogue, then let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.

Weapons Gallery


Long and short staffs 
Rapiers and medieval long swords 
Bull whip, nunchakus, double stick 
Arrows (real and rubber soft tipped) 
Shuriken (real and rubber soft props) 
Stakes for vampire killing (real and foam soft props) 
Battle axes (real, rubber soft props, and foam soft props) 
Sledgehammers (real, rubber soft props, and foam soft props) 
Daggers (metal and a mixture of plastic, wood, and rubber soft props) 
Leather and suede scabbards/holders for swords, daggers, and arrows
Modern knives (soft prop, with blood tube and syringe, martial arts training x 8, steel throwing knives x 3)    
Modern guns (various styles of soft prop handguns, rubber Uzis x 2, rubber MP5 x 1, martial arts training x 8)

Other Equipment

Fire gel 
Water gel 
Fire suits 
Mini trampoline 
Judo mats 
Gymnastic mats 
Gymnastic crash pads 
Fire extinguishers 
Body pads 
Back protectors 
Juggling balls and clubs 
Fire staffs, fire poi's, etc.